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Green Comet Music Agency; We are an agency which takes care of the whole management process for musical artists. We are here to offer different services:


We take care of promoting and hiring high level national and international artists, with the aim of bringing them closer to the audience in our country.

- Booking of national artists.
- Booking of international tours.
- Exclusive events.
- Promo plans for artists.

Management & Booking

We work side by side with our artists, working on an initial specific plan, and a plan for each release, with a goal marked with dates and analysis of the efficiency of each action in order to always get better on each field.

- Social media management.
- Press campaigns.
- Booking.
- Marketing plans for music.

Promotional Services

We reach a professional outcome for your project.

- Professional photoshoots.
- Music video recording.
- Streaming concerts.
- Audio pre-production.

Manufacturing & Distribution

We manufacture and distribute your products to make your project generate another source of income.

- Merchandising manufacture and sales.
- Production of merchandising of all kinds.
- Global digital distribution.
- Copyright management and SGAE advice.
- Release promotional plan.
- Physical distribution.


Green Comet Music Agency is a sensational booking, management and concert promoter agency. Juan Carlos' work is praiseworthy. We've been working together for a while and we hope it stays like that for many years.
Tomás Quilez Molero
On Fire CEO
Green Comet Music Agency is a reliable and very professional agency which manages to make everything really easy when it comes to organize events. We're looking forward to working with them again.
José A. Marroquí "Brujo"
TNT Radio Rock CEO
Working with Juan Carlos and hence with Green Comet Music Agency is an absolute pleasure. Professionalism, goodwill and dedication are the virtues which back this young and promising agency.
Nadher Ruiz
CEO & Manager at Black Heaven
Green Comet Music
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