Green Comet Music Agency

Sobre Nosotros

Green Comet Music Agency We are an agency which promotes rock and metal (and all its varieties) events. We also work as management and booking agents for artists and bands.

Founded in 2017, we started out as a small agency, organizing events and concerts, and we've been able to grow and be part of the scene. Nowadays we hace our own roster, and our very own international department, which organizes tours for international bands in our country.

Our passion towards music and our job is the engine which helps us reach our dreams, always trying to get better and improve our services.

Thanks to our hard work, we've been lucky to be able to, as promoters, organize events and concerts for bands such as HAMLET, DÜNEDAIN, ARMANDO DE CASTRO, BRUTAL THIN, EL ALTAR DEL HOLOCÁUSTO, NOCTEM, VITA IMANA, MIND DRILLER, CELTIBEERIAN, WORMED, TRALLERY, SOMAS CURE, KILLUS, VHÄLDEMAR and foreign bands such as TORTHARRY (Cze), WIDE SHUT (Fra) or MISE EN SECENE (Bel).


Green Comet Music
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