With an impeccable track record since 1999 and a legion of loyal fans, KELDARK promises to take metal lovers on a sonic journey that will leave everyone breathless.

"Reflections From The Inner Self Tour 2023/2024" promises to be an explosive experience where fans of the band will be treated to an energetic live performance, fusing classic songs with newly released material and a band used to interacting with the audience during their shows.

"Reflections From the inner self" promises to be one of the albums of 2023 in the national metal scene. Intense, deep and sometimes funny lyrics combined with crushing riffs and impeccable production, this new work will take listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey, capturing the very essence of the genre.

The KELDARK Concert Tour and the release of the new album mark an important milestone in the band's career, as they will celebrate 25 years since their founding in 2024.

Tickets for "Reflections From the Inner Self Tour 2023/2024" will be available from May 22nd.

We present DONUTS HOLE, who are now part of our roster, without a doubt one of the most innovative and professional bands on the music scene, with three studio albums, two EPs, two acoustic and several remixes after presenting us in 2020 their latest work "Fragmenta", a twist to their music with which they have opened their sights to other musical aspects, the guys of DONUTS HOLE have just finished the last concerts of their tour.

The band is immersed in the preparation and composition of the songs for their next album for which they are going to count on GREEN COMET MUSIC AGENCY as their new management agency.

Very soon we will announce the first dates of the new DONUTS HOLE tour!

The Barcelona band DONUTS HOLE returns to the stage and presents a Catalan tour to say goodbye to their latest work to date "Fragmenta" (2020), the tour consists of five dates that will tour the cities of Igualada, Girona, Tarragona, Lleida and will end in Barcelona.

This is the farewell to an album that has meant a before and after in the sound and trajectory of the Barcelona band. After the tour, the band has already composed material for the release of a new album that still has no release date.

Madrid based band Void's Legion have just released their new single "Reborn" to coincide with vocalist MMM joining the band and as a teaser track for their upcoming album.

Once again the band has put themselves in the hands of Alex Cappa, one of the best sound engineers in Spain at The Metal Factory Studios in Madrid. The new videoclip has been created by artificial intelligence in a process of several months of creation and editing by Brutal Mike (founding guitarist of the band).

You can already see it and listen to it on all platforms.

For logistical reasons and taking into account the upcoming participation of VITA IMANA in the Rock Arena festival, always ensuring the smooth running of the events and to be able to offer them with the best guarantees, we have taken the decision to postpone the event. Next week we will announce the new date of the event to be able to develop it in the best organizational conditions.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Best regards.

The catalan Atmospheric Black Metal band PERENNIAL ISOLATION will be ten years old in 2023 and they are going to celebrate it with a tour according to such an important event, at the moment they will be on December 30th presenting their anniversary at Sala Bóveda in Barcelona together with the new project of their vocalist/bassist Albert Batlle ERSZÈBET.

We will soon announce the dates of a very special tour that they will be part of.

This spring comes "The Blackened Spanish Tour", without any doubt one of the most awaited tours by extreme metal lovers, as we will be able to enjoy three of the best bands of the genre in one show and in several Spanish cities.

As headliners we will have NOCTEM who will be presenting their new album "Credo Certe Ne Cras" with which they plan to set Spain and Europe on fire, they are also very well accompanied by INSANIAM, the guys from the madhouse are back with many surprises, and the Catalans PERENNIAL ISOLATION who are celebrating their tenth anniversary in style in this new year.

VITA IMANA, one of the biggest bands of Spanish metal, hypnotizes us again with their new album, "VI" is undoubtedly one of the best albums of the Madrid band's career and they will be presenting it to the Murcian public on the 13th of May in Sala Spectrum.

To make this concert an essential date for metal lovers, they will be accompanied by INSANIAM from La Mancha, who return with new material from the madhouse to make us enjoy their madness.

Closing the bill will be the Catalans PERENNIAL ISOLATION, one of the most important bands of the Black Metal genre in our country, who will be playing songs from "Portraits", an album acclaimed by critics and fans.

Buy your tickets in the "Tickets" tab of this website.

We all already know NORWALD, after releasing in 2019 their first album "Madness & Heroes", the journey of these younglings has been a blast, confirmed already for two festivals for 2023, the band has just finished their first national tour, in which they've shared the stage with bands such as Dünedain, Celtibeerian, Celtian, Cain´s Dinasty or 4 Villains among others. They've gone through cities such as Valladolid, Valencia, León, Oviedo, Madrid, Portugalete, Granada, Alicante or their home, Murcia. They'll end this tour in the best possible way, participating in Totana Metal Fest, in Murcia, next September 24th.

NORWALD has just entered the studio to record what will be their new and much-anticipated work, where the band aims to conquer the international market, bringing a lot of surprises. We can't reveal much detail of this new album, mixed and mastered by NIKO aka HK at Vamacara Studios (Clisson - France), known for his work for artists such as DAGOBA, LOUDBLAST or BUKOWSKI. Voice editing and orchestral arrangements were made by Déhà at Opus Magnum Studios (Brussels - Belgium).

The new album will be released the upcoming fall and will be distributed by SODEH Records (Canadá).

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