21 / Feb / 2021

There is no better headline to describe the performance of HALO METAL BAND at the last Vampire Fest held on February 17th and 18th in online format. After more than three years since their previous album and without having played live since October 2019, many fans were waiting for the performance of the quartet from Alicante, who were premiering four songs from their new album that day, which will be released (pandemic permitting) in September.

It was their turn to open the festival in second place just after seven in the evening on the 18th, the second day of the festival organised by the Vampire Productions agency, and they didn't miss their appointment, and they did! The surprise came with their new songs, more energetic and melodic than usual without losing the characteristic stamp of the band, forcefulness and direct message with their lyrics of social character starting with "Marcados al nacer" one of those hymns that you can hardly get out of your head in several days, direct and crushing, followed by "Pasividad normalizada", a song that aims to be one of the most applauded of this new album where the band explores with urban sounds creating a sonorous spiral that catches you from the first bar, And if we hadn't had enough, we still had two more songs as a gift, "Renacer", an important song on this album that deals with themes such as self-improvement and the determination to believe in oneself in difficult moments, and "Memoria", a song dedicated to all the people who are no longer with us but who continue to be important in our lives, closed this magnificent performance.

Undoubtedly one of the great surprises of the festival, a great work presented by HALO METAL BAND and from which we are impatiently waiting for new news.

Photography by Rubén Tooth


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