HALO METAL BAND's new album preview!

14 / Feb / 2021

We are finally able to hear some tracks of HALO METAL BAND's new studio album. "Reiniciar", one of the songs of the new album, will be released accompanied by an official music video.

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RElated News

21 / Feb / 2021

There is no better headline to describe the performance of HALO METAL BAND at the last Vampire Fest held on February 17th and 18th in online format. After more than three years since their previous album and without having played live since October 2019, many fans were waiting for the performance of the quartet from […]

18 / Feb / 2021
14 / Feb / 2021
HALO METAL BAND - New album in progress.

HALO METAL BAND is about to start editing their third full-lenght studio album. We still don't know much about the new upcoming music, but what we do know is that production, recording, mixing and mastering is being done at Singularity Studios, at the hands of Edu Guerrero (Sons of Aguirre & Scila). Soon enough, we will […]

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