19 / Feb / 2021

DRAGO's performance at the recently finished Vampire Fest, the online festival created and produced by the agency "Vampire Productions", was highly-anticipated and the band from Madrid did not disappoint on the evening of February 17th. The first notes of "Libérame", followed by "Samurai", "El Fantasma del Espejo" and finishing with the spectacular "Lobo" began to […]

14 / Feb / 2021

You read right! And it does hand in hand with two of our bands, DRAGO and VOID'S LEGION, which would deploy all of their strenght at Sala Opción de Pinto (C/ Real 18) on April 24th. This will be a special event due to the already known circumstances. Due to Covid-19, the event will have limited capacity and seated […]

14 / Feb / 2021
A new era in the right way.

That's how we could call Void's Legion's right path, as they already have some news about their first full-lenght album. For the moment, they let us know about their recording date: they'll start on this upcoming February. We are all waiting for the final result of the combination of Alex Cappa and his "The Metal Factory […]

14 / Feb / 2021
VOID'S LEGION announces a line-up change.

Once again we got important news referring to the band, who announced a line-up change. Their vocalist, Defts, leaves the band. Void's Legion decided to explain the situation on their social media: "It has been a very difficult decision, but after this uncertain year, the band wasn't completely comfortable with his needs, and so wasn't he regarding the […]

14 / Feb / 2021
VOID'S LEGION succeeds with their crowdfunding!

It's finally possible to announce that there will be a Void's Legion album! As you might already know, the band threw a crowdfunding campaign last November 19th, to be able to fund the release of their first full-lenght studio album and their first official music video. It has been an absolute success, getting past their initial […]

14 / Feb / 2021

DRAGO will participate VAMPIRE FEST's upcoming edition, which will be celebrated on February 17th and 18th online, due to the covid-19 crisis that rumbles across the country. Even though we still can't enjoy live music as we used to, covid will not prevent us from enjoying Javier Cardoso's awesome band.

14 / Feb / 2021
MESSIAH NOSTRUM joins our roster!

Well yes! We have a new band in our roster and we're more than happy for it. We've been working together along with the band to release this project, and it's a huge satisfaction for us to be able to make it possible. Alicante's quintet is finishing recording what will be their first full-lenght studio […]

14 / Feb / 2021
NORWALD releases a new lyric video for "RUINS OF A KINGDOM"!

On December 19th, and coinciding with the anniversary of their full-lenght album debut "Madness & Heroes", NORWALD released their new lyric video, of the song "Ruins of a Kingdom". It will be released in all the band's digital platforms (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) and in every digital platform of the agency (Green Comet Music Agency). This […]

14 / Feb / 2021
VOID'S LEGION starts a crowdfunding campaign!

Being unable to fund their album with their scheduled tour shows, the band decided to throw an ambicious crowdfunding project in which their fans and followers can help out through VERKAMI, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in our country. In exchange, patrons could get an impressive amount of exclusive band's products; for instance, pre-order the […]

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