20 / Jul / 2022

More than 15 different media agents of a variety of styles had a date last June 10th around the venue Shoko Live. It was still the middle of the day and way before the opening hour, sign of the great night we were about to have.

The dreamed-about tour finale for any band, in this case for Void's Legion. Without a doubt the evolution of the band has been incredible. One of the eldest bands of our agency, that we have seen growing since their start, and their first tour, brought us an amazing show, demonstrating the growth of these years.

After finishing their first national tour, where they've shared the stage with bands such as KTULU, WORMED, MESENKTET, EMPIRE OF DISEASE, ETERNAL STORM or the Portuguese band DAWNFALL OF MANKIND, with whom they shared in Oporto the first international date of the band, this night was meant to be shared with ETERNAL PSYCHO, PERENNIAL ISOLATION and BURIALITY!

The night was rated a 10/10, with a very good crowd that had a blast and participated in all the bands' shows.

Very soon we will hear news from VOID´S LEGION.

Picture by Alvaro Carlier.

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