The band was originally formed by Guitarists Eduardo Cachero and Manuel Camacho. They started the project as a progressive metal band, searching for new and young musicians across their natal city, Madrid.
When the covid-19 pandemic started, they had already finished the roster, introducing the new bandmembers Victor Elena as the singer, Juanjo Poveda as the bassist and the latest recruitment, Luis de la Peña as the drummer.
Since March 2020, the band has been working on what will be their very first album, inspired by the classic progressive essence of concept albums. The entire band has been focused on creating this record, playing only some live shows the last year at places like Alcala Suena Fest, Sala Rockville, and many others.
This album is about to be released in spring 2022, along a national tour in Spain. We are expecting many other opportunities for the band.



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