Fernando Arteaga González, born in El Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz, Spain), was born in El Puerto de Santa María (Cadiz, Spain) and started to be interested in music at a very young age due to the influence of his family.
As a child he studied music theory and piano, later he decided to play the guitar and began to study with the guitarist Juan Fernández of 40 Promesas. His musical tastes were mainly influenced by his family, starting to listen to ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dyan, The Jayhawks, REM, Jimi Hendrix, among other artists.

As a teenager he began to put together his first groups and first concerts all over the country, playing at festivals such as Monkey Week 2012 (El Puerto de Santa Maria).
In 2013 he would release his first studio album and in December of that same year, he moved to Santiago de Chile (Chile) due to the economic crisis of that time.
After several attempts to assemble groups at the end of 2015 he formed with Luis (vocals) the group Hollow Humanity, releasing 1 LP, 1 EP, 1 Split and 3 Singles, as well as 4 video clips.

In his four years of activity in the group he played in countries such as Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic. In 2018, the release of Hollow Humanity's album "Hives & Trophies" was nominated for "Best modern metal album of the year" by Premios Escuchar (Chile) and parallel to his stay in Hollow Humanity, he also participated in the band ASUNTO, where he was a member until their separation.

Finally he announces in February 2020 his departure from the band due to the difficulties of playing since Fernando was living in San Sebastian (Spain), now he signs the booking representation of his Spanish tour with Green Comet Music Agency.




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