HALO METAL BAND is a band that arises from the union of several musicians with a long history in the metal scene in the city of Alicante. The band was formed in 2013 by Willy (Bassist) and Peter (Guitar) who decided to start a project that both are passionate about, a metal band in the style of Sepultura, Pantera, Machine Head and many others that have influenced them.

Months later, continuing with the choice of long-time musicians, Storm O.L. joins the project as vocalist and from there begins to take shape what will be their first set list. In 2015 their first EP / demo "Golpes" is released, which contains 5 songs and only lasts a little more than 15 minutes, but it is enough for the band to begin to have a growing acceptance and become known. The band toured around several points of the peninsula during 2016 and 2017 where they were gaining followers.

In November 2017 they released their first studio album "Semilla Animal" with the label Rock CD Records, consisting of 11 tracks and lasting 45 minutes. From here the band starts to be known nationally gaining followers in several cities in Spain. In 2018 Miky Drums (Orphans of Piety) joins the band as new drummer. HALO has been able to share the stage with bands like HAMLET, VITA IMANA, BRUTAL THIN, SUIDAKRA or DAGOBA among many others in more than 70 concerts.

Right now the quartet is touring to present their new studio album "Renacer", recorded, mixed, produced and mastered by Edu Guerrero (Sons Of Aguirre & Scila) at Singularity Studio in Alicante, and distributed by Thornado Music.

Halo will be on tour in 2023 for the band's tenth anniversary, sharing the stage with great bands such as SOMAS CURE, KTULU, VITA IMANA or ESCUELA DE ODIO, among others. They will be celebrating their anniversary until January 2024, then they will continue the tour of their album "Renacer" which will last until the summer of 2024.



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