In October 2019, with eight of their own songs and some versions of their reference bands
(Angelus Apatrida, Crisix, Pantera...) the band gives their first concert at the Pub "El Mirador" in
Tomelloso, together with the thrash metal band from the Canary Islands "Dregspitters" obtaining a great acceptance from the public.

In the following months, the band continues playing gigs to get funding for the recording of their first EP, playing in different places (Sala Barracudas, Madrid; Sala Theatre, Villarobledo...) with different bands, among them, Vinodium, Evil Scapes, Octoplatypus, DOI; and receiving several positive reviews in metal magazines ("Los Mejores Rock", "Windmill"). It is at this time that they release their first album "Dark Reality" (2019).

Passed the pandemic and after playing in a room of the pedroñeras "Pub el garito" they return again to Madrid to play in the white elephant room counting already with 13 own songs.
Currently we are preparing the recording of a second album much more ambitious in terms of design, more songs, better more songs, better recording quality, a videoclip and a videolyric that will be accompanied by a national tour.




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