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The Metal band, Keldark, is created in 1999 in Valencia (Spain) by the 3 brothers Crazy Paul (vocals), Andy Ziz (guitar) and Hulk (bass and backing vocals).

The band recorded their first album, Slow Trip to Destruction (2007), with the collaboration of artists such as Elisa C.Martín and Alberto Maroto (Dreamaker, ex-Dark Moor). This first LP allows Keldark to share the stage with first level bands in an extensive national tour and to be awarded as 4th revelation band in the Rockferendum 2007-2008 (Heavy-rock and Kerrang! magazines), as well as to participate in several international compilations.

In their second LP, When the Thumb Points Down (2013), the band abandons the melodic thrash metal they played in their first album to start with their own style more in line with their new concerns and with a remarkable evolution in the vocal lines. This LP features collaborations with musicians from bands such as Gauntlet, Santelmo or Opera Magna. With this album, the band goes on tour, Thumb Down Tour, in which they surprise with an acoustic performance for television, showing the potential, feeling and attitude of its members live.

The band releases "Resilience" (2015), an EP of 4 songs that will mark a new milestone in the band's history by allowing them to play in Latin America for the first time.

And finally comes the band's fourth album, The Brotherhood (2017), featuring collaborations with Víctor de Andrés (Mägo de Oz and ex Zenobia) and Patricia Pons (SynlakrosS). Keldark celebrates the release of this work with a tour of more than 20 dates in Mexico in 2017-2018.

Keldark has 11 videoclips and even a webseries: Keldark Garage Band (KGB), full of humour and metal.

In addition, Keldark's music is part of the soundtrack of the English film "Ibiza Undead" (2016), screened in UK and US cinemas, and the series "Sobreviviendo a los 30's", premiered on the Vix+ platform (Mexico) in August 2022.

As a result of their extensive experience, Keldark has been able to create a style with its own identity and can be categorised as an alternative metal band, combining characteristics of different styles within metal.

In September 2022 Keldark released the cartoon video clip "La Venganza de Moctezuma" which was used to accompany the end of "The brotherhood tour". A videoclip dedicated to the band's fans in Mexico.

Currently the band is about to release their new album "Reflections from the inner self", the new and long awaited work of the band after six years, which will be accompanied by a tour all over Spain.



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