Void's Legion is born at the beginning of 2016, thanks to the meeting of their two guitarists; Eme and Brutal Mike with the purpose of creating a band together. After more than a year of castings, these two friends finally found Victor, the perfect drummer for this project. He would be the rhythmic engine for the upcoming years of preparation and rehearsals.

During the first months of their career, Eme, Víctor and Mike met different bassists and singers until they found Dyable, who would become their first vocalist. After many more months looking for a bassist, and being unsuccessful at finding a suitable one, they decided to stop searching and turning Dyable into the bassist of the band. Being a notable musician with an interesting capacity to play different instruments, Dyable didn't take too long to fit in as the last instrumentalist of the band. They then only needed the last piece, a vocalist up to the project.

After many trials and rehearsals they finally found a worthy frontman, Defts, singer and musician aswell, who didn't take long to fit in with the band and the sound of it.

Once they found the last band member, they recorded their first two songs along with Alex Cappa, one of the best Spanish producers, at THE METAL FACTORY STUDIOS (Madrid). Those songs were called "Enter the Void" and "Behold the Human Race", and they've been until now, two promotional songs that are available online in every digital platform.

In 2021 the band undergoes another change due to the unexpected departure of their vocalist Defts just before the recording of the album and it became urgent to find a replacement that would guarantee the quality and roundness of sound that characterizes the band, a replacement that the band found soon after in the figure of Carlos G. Hidalgo (Inania Regna) with whom they have recorded their first studio album again with Alex Cappa in TMF Studios and their first official video clip with RC Visuals.






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