With an impeccable track record since 1999 and a legion of loyal fans, KELDARK promises to take metal lovers on a sonic journey that will leave everyone breathless.

"Reflections From The Inner Self Tour 2023/2024" promises to be an explosive experience where fans of the band will be treated to an energetic live performance, fusing classic songs with newly released material and a band used to interacting with the audience during their shows.

"Reflections From the inner self" promises to be one of the albums of 2023 in the national metal scene. Intense, deep and sometimes funny lyrics combined with crushing riffs and impeccable production, this new work will take listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey, capturing the very essence of the genre.

The KELDARK Concert Tour and the release of the new album mark an important milestone in the band's career, as they will celebrate 25 years since their founding in 2024.

Tickets for "Reflections From the Inner Self Tour 2023/2024" will be available from May 22nd.

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