You read right! And it does hand in hand with two of our bands, DRAGO and VOID'S LEGION, which would deploy all of their strenght at Sala Opción de Pinto (C/ Real 18) on April 24th. This will be a special event due to the already known circumstances. Due to Covid-19, the event will have limited capacity and seated audience, as well as the concert being carried out with the current regulations for events and performances.

Access the AGENDA section on our website and buy your tickets now before they sell out!


That's how we could call Void's Legion's right path, as they already have some news about their first full-lenght album. For the moment, they let us know about their recording date: they'll start on this upcoming February.

We are all waiting for the final result of the combination of Alex Cappa and his "The Metal Factory Studios" with the sound and engagement of the band. Without any kind of doubt, this album has all the ingredients to be one of the greatests 2021's national metal albums.

But that's not all! The band will reveal another huge piece of news on March... but everything happens in due time. For now, we can only congratulate them on their rising career and wish to see them at the top.

Once again we got important news referring to the band, who announced a line-up change. Their vocalist, Defts, leaves the band. Void's Legion decided to explain the situation on their social media: "It has been a very difficult decision, but after this uncertain year, the band wasn't completely comfortable with his needs, and so wasn't he regarding the needs of the band, so we decided to end our professional relationship in a friendly way."

After some live and recording trials, as well as many interviews, we had chosen a new bandmate who, for sure, has all the characteristics and involvement that the band needs, so we can finally announce that Void's Legion new vocalist will be Carlos García Hidalgo (Inania Regna), to whom we wish for many years of success. Welcome to the family, Carlos!

It's finally possible to announce that there will be a Void's Legion album!

As you might already know, the band threw a crowdfunding campaign last November 19th, to be able to fund the release of their first full-lenght studio album and their first official music video. It has been an absolute success, getting past their initial goal. The band is extremely grateful of the good reception they had and the efforts of their patrons. Needless to say they're also grateful for people who invest in culture, as well as of the ones who shared the project in social media. Thanks to you, the band is finally able to move on with their musical project.

Soon, the band will start rewarding their patrons with the promised items, and we will get news from the band.

Being unable to fund their album with their scheduled tour shows, the band decided to throw an ambicious crowdfunding project in which their fans and followers can help out through VERKAMI, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in our country. In exchange, patrons could get an impressive amount of exclusive band's products; for instance, pre-order the new album, being part of the official music video, visiting the recording facilities and gaining access to limited edition merchandise. Click the following link if interested!
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